About Makom

Makom LA History

Founded in 2015 as a new Jewish community for Los Angeles, Makom LA holds twice monthly services as well as regular Pop Up Shabbats, events, discussions, classes, and more. If you’re interested in hearing more about our upcoming programming, subscribe to our email list on the homepage of the website.

Our Advisory Board

Jonathan Petuchowski, President
David Straus, Secretary
Barry Yucht, Treasurer
Rabbi Deborah Bravo, Rabbinic Advisor
Rachel Grundy
Cynthia Keener
Marilyn Landau

Nicole Leibovitz Lange
Terry Maseng
Danny Maseng


Makom LA is dedicated to creating a Jewish spiritual community where prayer, music, art, and conversation can happen in a warm, inviting, post-denominational, innovative and engaging atmosphere.

We aim to be inclusive and universal in our approach, while being strongly anchored and deeply rooted in Jewish tradition and values.

Makom LA wishes to offer its congregants the opportunity to deepen and enrich their lives through prayer, study, and good deeds.

In a world of chaos and distractions, Makom LA is an oasis of calm, sweet spirituality, deeply rooted in our ancient and ever renewing Jewish tradition.

We welcome people of all ages and all backgrounds who are willing and desiring to engage in spiritual practice and who are interested in authentic, ethical, liberal Judaism.